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Repper is a free online tool that creates kaleidoscopic tiled images. It allows you to interactively generate a tiled image from a rectangular or triangular section of an input image. You can upload your own image and generate a tileable image fragment. Unlike the tiling provided by say the Windows desktop, every additional tile is mirrored compared to the adjacent tile. This makes the end result usable as a graphic pattern. Continue reading

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I have registered a gravatar for myself. It automatically gives me a recognizable avatar on gravatar-enabled websites. It is the same image of a “map lichen” that I use on MSN Messenger. You can define your own gravatar for free … Continue reading

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WordPress and Spam

In late February, I suddenly started getting about 50 spam comments per day on my WordPress blog from 2 or 3 sources.
So I installed the well-known (but oddly named) Akismet spam filter. It is by Matt Mullenweg, one of the WordPress developers. It seems to do the job. And it generates nice-looking statistics of the amount of spam received per day. It does seem to have quirks in its statistics. I am looking into this. Continue reading

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WordPress 2.7.1

I upgraded from WordPress 2.7.0 to WordPress 2.7.1. It is said to have security fixes (and about 80 other bug fixes). The upgrading was easy.

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Firefox-compatibility of web sites

I have started to Firefox-proof the web site for Tim. Firefox support is important because that browser has achieved a market share of 20%(particularly among savvy users) that is still growing. Once that is done, I should get one of the Apple … Continue reading

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