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Ilford inkjet paper for photographers

I got a phone call today from Harold Schuurman of InktWereld.nl (a large local paper and ink distributor). He phoned me about my order of Ilford Gold Fiber Silk paper and about a brief e-mail exchange we had about its … Continue reading

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Review of Fine Art Printing video tutorial

After two technical postings, here is some lighter reading. Over the holidays, I bought the downloadable tutorial video from the Luminous Landscape site called From Camera To Print – Fine Art Printing Tutorial The tutorial is presented by two accomplished … Continue reading

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HP B9180 printer dying

My almost 4-year old HP B9180 printer is giving up on me. It started making loud grinding noises, and now the print heads are clogging. I partly took it apart on Sunday: sometimes the problem is fixable, but I am … Continue reading

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ColorMunki – Review

See the earlier posting  ColorMunki – Features for a description of the ColorMunki. This section is on my experience with the device. Ease of use The ColorMunki itself and its software are generally easy to use. The device’s design are a … Continue reading

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ColorMunki – Features

I recently bought a (used) color calibration device: the ColorMunki Photo from X-Rite. Although it looks like an oversized tape measure, it is used to calibrate computer displays (either LCD or projector) and it can calibrate printer/ink/paper combinations. In either case, calibration is done by comparing the output colors against the intended color and by adjusting for the inevitable deviations within the computer. This kind of calibration is used heavily in the photography and graphics industries or by anyone else who needs accurate colors. Continue reading

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Printer comparison: HP B9180 ↔ Epson R2880

A comparsion of the Hewlett Packard B9180 and the Epson R2880 pinters. The article is based on input from two users (myself and Sakke respectively) and was triggered by a “what to buy” question. Continue reading

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