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Ilford inkjet paper for photographers

I got a phone call today from Harold Schuurman of InktWereld.nl (a large local paper and ink distributor). He phoned me about my order of Ilford Gold Fiber Silk paper and about a brief e-mail exchange we had about its … Continue reading

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State of the DxOMark (camera nerdiness)

I updated my overview chart with available high-end cameras. See http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Camera-Sensor-Database for detailed benchmark results for specific cameras. As usual, there is a lot of interesting information in such an overview: Assuming you care about low light and high dynamic … Continue reading

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Photo expo at Peppelrode

My latest photo exposition starts on October 28th and lasts until December 15th (2013). It features a (baker’s) dozen photos between 50×50 cm and 50×70 cm (frame sizes). About half of these works were created in the past year and … Continue reading

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Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 was released on June 9th 2013. It is a modest upgrade to Adobe’s main software package for photographers. The limited number of changes may be because it took 1 year to develop (Lightroom 4, by comparison, took 2.5 … Continue reading

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Fotogroep Waalre 8-Jun-11

This composition is essentially about diagonal lines in modern architecture. The Toren op Zuid (aka KPN Gebouw) by Renzo Piano has a façade with an overhang of 6°. The single external pole is for the required extra support. The foreground … Continue reading

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“Memory of Colors” by Jaime Ocampo-Rangel

A version of this article has also been published on the photography site The Luminous Landscape. Memory of Colors is the name of large-scale ongoing photography project by the Colombian/French photographer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel. His wife Lia Ocampo-Rangel, a videographer, also … Continue reading

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