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Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5 was released on June 9th 2013. It is a modest upgrade to Adobe’s main software package for photographers. The limited number of changes may be because it took 1 year to develop (Lightroom 4, by comparison, took 2.5 … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4’s PV2012 image enhancement algorithm

In 2009 I wrote a small article here about a new class of image enhancement algorithms. Such algorithms made pictures look sharper by added local contrast and brought out details in both shadows and highlights. And they did this without … Continue reading

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Technical tips for amateur photographers

Sometimes there are tips I don’t offer to experienced photography enthusiasts unless they ask the right question first. This is because I feel they should already know all this, and might be offended that I could imagine they didn’t – … Continue reading

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Review of Fine Art Printing video tutorial

After two technical postings, here is some lighter reading. Over the holidays, I bought the downloadable tutorial video from the Luminous Landscape site called From Camera To Print – Fine Art Printing Tutorial The tutorial is presented by two accomplished … Continue reading

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NAS and Lightroom performance

My digital photos are stored on an inexpensive NAS. This CH3SNAS consists of dual 3.5″ SATA drives of, in my case, 1 TByte each. Each drive contains a copy of each photo (RAID 1) for robustness. Lightroom 3 maintains a … Continue reading

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Lightroom 3 review

Adobe released Lightroom 3.0 on June 8th, after eight months of public beta testing. I simply kept using LR 2.7 during the beta testing period as the beta version didn’t allow you to easily import LR 2.x databases, and I … Continue reading

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Lightroom 3 beta

Adobe has released a public beta of Lightroom 3. It can be evaluated/tested for free until April 2010. The Beta is explicitly not intended for production use. A series of free short “Scott Kelby” videos demonstrating the main new features … Continue reading

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