iPad Camera Connectivy Kit

I tested moving photos from a Canon 5D Mark II to an iPad. This can be useful if you need some extra storage, want to view the images on the iPad, or want to mail them.

The 5D2 uses Compact Flash memory cards, so the iCCK’s  SD card reader (right side of photo) won’t work. But you still have two options using the iCCK’s USB adapter (left side of photo):

  1. Plug a Compact Flash card reader into the iPad via the iCCK. This didn’t work for me: the iPad complained that it couldn’t handle the power drown by the reader.
  2. Connect the camera via its miniUSB-to-USB cable, via the iCCK to the iPad. This kind of works. After reading a several files, the program crashes.

Apple states on its website, that repeating the process helps: the import restarts where the previous one failed, and you will ultimately reach the end. The number of files you can read between crashes is variable: sometimes one or two, sometimes dozens.

So the good news is that the iPad can reads heavy-duty RAW files from a Canon 5D Mark II and display these (although you can’t zoom in all the way). But the crashing Photo application and Apple’s workaround are not very user-friendly. This problem was known back in April and is still an issue in iOS 3.2.2.

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