First WordPress posting

This is my first posting. Some reasons to create a blog:

  • I needed to get a seriously hosted website recently. The hosting company ( allows you to run a lot of stuff at no extra cost: multiple mySQL databases, PHP applications, shell access, e-mail forwarding, etc.
  • I set up a WordPress blog for my daughter a week earlier. Having one of my own helps me learn about this pretty mainstream technology. My first web site was entirely hand-written in HML/CSS back in 1995.
  • I sometimes send out E-mails on photography that are kind-of-worth reading. And thus may be worth “publishing”  – meaning editing, distributing and archiving.
  • I am learning the PHP scripting language. WordPress is one of the top PHP applications around. You can learn by seeing what the big boys can do.
  • Occasionally I have some piece of info (about technology) which might useful for others to be able to find via a search engine: opinion, problem, solution, etc.

There are also excellent reasons not to create a blog:

  • The world probably has enough blogs.
  • Takes a lot of effort to make it attractive enough to justify getting friends to have a look: mine are on average pretty busy people.
  • My blog is probably not interesting enough to get regular readership from people who don’t know me.

Ah well. I can always stop posting. And my blog should be no worse than the average blog.

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