Fotogroep Waalre 18-Nov-09

Photos shown at my local photography club on November 18th 2009 (these photos are © Peter van den Hamer).

Argggh. An assignment

These are existing pictures that relate to a new assignment I got from our photo club’s mentor, Pieter van Leeuwen. The idea is that every photographer focuses on an individual theme for the coming season, and that the mentor visits the photo club regularly and provides feedback, advice and inspiration. Pieter van Leeuwen is incidentally professionally involved in various national photography magazines and participates in photography juries.

My theme

After showing Pieter van Leeuwen my portfolio (on November 4th), he remarked that I created lots of different types of images, but that most were sort of stereotype for their genre: pretty macro, pretty landscape, nice detail of a building. So as redemption of my photographic sins, I got myself the assignment

special lighting conditions

Fortunately I get the freedom to fill that in any way that I like. My guess is that any photo qualifies that wouldn’t have been interesting if the lighting conditions had been more average. This is a bit of a problem because I essentially always photograph with available light nowadays. In fact, my camera doesn’t even have a built-in flash (and I don’t own a separate flash) and I certainly don’t own or want to own studio lighting.

One reason I accepted the challenge (you can negotiate a bit with the mentor – after all he doesn’t really know the photographers) is that I already had a collection of images at that I had recognized as such and had labelled “lighting”: photos that dependent more on the chosen or available lighting than they depend on the subject.

Lighting-related pictures

Kite flying in Veneto, Italy

Kite flying in Veneto, Italy

ISO 400, 120 mm, f/8, 1/350 s

Peer near Rotterdam

Peer near Rotterdam

ISO 200, 93 mm, f/9.5, 1/500 s

Palace of Calos I, Alhambra, Granada

Palace of Calos I, Alhambra, Granada

ISO 200, 24 mm, f/4, 1/30 s

These  3 images partly triggered Pieter van Leeuwen to select this theme for me. The Granada image had been shown at the photo club previously.

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