Fotogroep Waalre 16-Dec-09

Photos shown at my local photography club on December 16th 2009 (these photos are © Peter van den Hamer).

The “special lighting” assignment

My assignment at the photo club was to take pictures in interesting lighting conditions – complements of our mentor Pieter van Leeuwen. This is obviously a tricky one as I only use available lighting, and thus have very limited control over lighting. So this sesssion I brought in two images: one old one (2008) from Lisabon with a pink sky and a pink building. That image was submitted to the Fotobond comptetion (see posting) and, a few days later, turned out to have received 17 points.

Lisbon twilight

ISO 400, 70 mm, f/4, 1/60 s

The second photo is new and was taken for the assignment. It required a drive on a Sunday with partly cloudy weather. The scene is pretty recognizable for the locals and has local associations with fighting the wind. Although in this case, the wind was light and the cyclist is likely more a tourist than the invariable kids on their way to school.

Dike near Zaltbommel

ISO 200, 200 mm, f/8, 1/800 s

Incidentally, both images have problems when printed on my printer: the buidlings at the left and right and the clouds become darker than on (calibrated) screens and loose their color. Images with difficult lighting may also prove to be images that are challenging for color management.

Dike near Zaltbommel - 100% crop

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