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This is the poster (made by Ariejan van Twisk) for the yearly exposition of my local photography club “Fotogroep Waalre”. The poster shows a picture by Aad Schoenmaker that I really like. Although the picture may look like it was created in Photoshop, it is essentially an as-taken photo. I deliberately won’t explain how Aad managed to get himself warped into this cyberzone, and leave it to you to guess (or ask Aad).

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  1. Roger says:

    Just ran across your site when looking for a review of luminous-landscape.com’s Camera to Print videos, which was good by the way.

    It looks like the picture was taken in a moving boat with the setting sun behind by dragging the shutter with fill-flash.

    Your header picture looks familiar. It appears you live in Germany but it looks like you took a trip to Arizona and shot Superstition Mountain in the Phoenix area. I work just minutes from there. Cool picture.

    • pvdhamer says:

      The panorama is indeed Superstition Mountain and was taken 1 week ago (it was cloudy until we left). You must be situated need Apache Junction or Gold Canyon.

      The exposition poster photo by http://www.fotograad.nl was taken in Amsterdam and indeed taken in a moving boat. The rest is up to Aad to explain, but the boat is moving at a walking pace. Not sure about the shutter speed. Aad?

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