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Netbook – hype or reality?

Netbooks are getting a lot of attention. Are they really a major change in the notebook market, or are they just temporary hype backed by one or more component vendors? Continue reading

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Printing your own photo books

The books which consumers create with, for example, vacation or wedding photos are also interesting for photographers who want to create and possibly publish a photo book themselves. Continue reading

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Fotogroep Waalre 8-Apr-09

Photos shown at my local photography club on April 8th 2009. Continue reading

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Red UFOs during long exposures with Canon 24-104mm f/4L lens

When used for multi-minute exposures, a red flare can show up at the bottom of images taken with the Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. It is due to an infrared LED used inside the lens. Low-itensity infrared light from this LED leaks to the sensor. Although the Canon 5D Mark II’s sensor is able to detect this, it should only show up on very long exposures around the lenses 24mm zoom setting. Continue reading

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