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Fotogroep Waalre 26-Mar-09

Photos shown at my local photography club on March 26th 2009. In this meeting, the club had a visitor, the well-known Dutch photographer Karel Maat. Continue reading

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LCD Monitors for Photography

Photographers tend to worry about whether the colors on their monitor are accurate. Here is some raw material (lnks) on LCD monitors that is especially relevant for photography: color gamut, viewing angle, calibration accuracy, etc. But at the moment I still don’t know what to get (despite very attractive pricing of large wide-screen displays). Continue reading

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Printing costs on the HP B9180 printer

A cost estimate of printing borderless A3 photos comes to about 2 € for the ink and 1.5 € for the paper plus (assuming lowest price suppliers). A full cost model should add an extra ammount between 0.5 and 3 € for the costs of the printer (excluding the ink that came with the purchase) and possible future head replacements. Continue reading

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Printer comparison: HP B9180 ↔ Epson R2880

A comparsion of the Hewlett Packard B9180 and the Epson R2880 pinters. The article is based on input from two users (myself and Sakke respectively) and was triggered by a “what to buy” question. Continue reading

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I have registered a gravatar for myself. It automatically gives me a recognizable avatar on gravatar-enabled websites. It is the same image of a “map lichen” that I use on MSN Messenger. You can define your own gravatar for free … Continue reading

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WordPress themes

WordPress themes are powerful add-in modules that handle the layout, styling and even add some features to a WordPress blog. I recently switched between WordPress themes from the Esther 2.0 theme to the new Magazeen 1.0 theme. Continue reading

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